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iOS software iPad GetHours

TOKYO (MacHouse) – So it’s been more than 10 days since we released the last iOS application. Actually, we had to wait for Apple to resume iTunes Connect so that we could upload a new application. And we’ve just released a new iPad application, which is called GetHours.

GetHours is a virtual time clock system that lets you use your iPad to manage the work time of hourly workers instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a physical device. The employer signs in as an administrator who has permission to create a list of employees with their names and check-in IDs. Then set a work day and turn on the clock-in or clock-out switch. Finally, your employees can clock in (or clock out) by selecting their name from a list. GetHours can tell whether or not a particular employee has already clocked in. So your employees cannot clock in or clock out more than once on the same work day. Moreover, GetHours is designed such that employees can never clock out unless they have clocked in in the first place.

iOS software iPad GetHours   iOS software iPad GetHours

GetHours doesn’t just record work hours. You can run a query to generate a list of work hours for individual employees or the entire work force. You can then e-mail this text output to yourself. An output sheet shows what time an employee has clocked in and out with the total number of hours (with two decimal points below zero) automatically calculated for each work day.  


  1. The user can create a list of employees. And all each employee has to do is select their name from this list, and they will be prompted to enter their check-in ID. Since the application assigns a unique identification number to each employee, even when the administrator changes the name of an employee, there will be no effect on their records.
  2. The administrative username and password are saved with encryption.
  3. Select a date format of their choice.
  4. GetHours supports six languages (English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Portuguese) for dates.
  5. Easily tell how many employees have clocked in or clocked out so far. Also, find out who has clocked in or clocked out with just a tap on a button.
  6. Override some of alert messages for your local language or preference.
  7. The application comes with a build-in quick user’s guide. Plus, it has access to a complete user’s guide offline. (Preferences > Help)

System requirements

  1. iOS 6.0 or higher
  2. iPad


  1. The user can create only one administrative account with a username and a password. Once they setup an account, no changes can be made. After creating an administrative account, the user has 48 hours to make sure their account is working. Or they can delete it and then create a new account.
  2. For now, GetHours doesn’t support AirPrint. The user can print out a query result as text, which they can e-mail to themselves.
  3. The employee list and work hour records are not encrypted.

Version history

1.0.2 (Released on December 28, 2012)

  1. The application will prevent an employee from clocking out when the current date & time are earlier than when he or she clocked in.
  2. Preferences: A new customizable alert message (9th) has been added in relation to the clock-out prevention fix.

Click here to read GetHours’ User’s Guide.

GetHours is a product of MacHouse.

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