What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing eDice Portable for iPad

iOS software iPad eDice Portable

TOKYO (MacHouse) – If you use the Internet, you need a random password generator, as sharing the same password over different accounts is a bad idea. But developing a random password generator is not that easy for iOS because Objective-C doesn’t have a common string function for shuffling elements. Well, we’ve somehow taken care of that part. And we just submitted our very first free iOS application to App Store some 20 minutes ago. It’s called eDice Portable.

iOS software iPad eDice Portable   iOS software iPad eDice Portable

eDice Portable is an iPad version of a random password generator package that we use with Windows applications. eDice Portable lets you generate random passwords of length up to 200 characters that consists of lowercase & uppercase alphabetic letters, numbers, special characters, Greek letters, Japanese hiragana, Japanese katakana. Opening preferences, they can configure their default settings.  


  1. Create a random password of length up to 200 characters with a tap on a button.
  2. Turn on ‘No numbers at the beginning’ to generate a password that starts with a non-numeric character.
  3. Turn on ‘Alphabet at the beginning’ to generate a password that starts with an alphabetic letter.
  4. Turn on ‘Unique elements’ to generate a password in which each character is unique. If enabled, no character repeated twice within the same password.
  5. Configure default settings in Preferences.

System requirements

  1. iOS 6.0 or higher
  2. iPad



We submitted it to Apple‘s App Store for review less than an hour ago. Hopefully, it’ll be available at iTunes soon.

Currently, there is no user’s guide available for eDice Portable.

eDice Portable is a product of MacHouse.

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