What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing RollerText for iPad

iOS software iPad RollerText

TOKYO (MacHouse) – So it’s now mid-December. And there’s been only one iOS application release from us so far this month. Actually, we’ve just submitted a new one to Apple‘s App Store. This new iOS software release is called RollerText.

iOS software iPad RollerText   iOS software iPad RollerText

RollerText? You mean, Rollerscript? hehehe… The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? RollerText is quite similar to an existing Windows application of ours called Rollerscript. So RollerText is a virtual teleprompter that allows the user to roll text letter by letter. It’s like Rollerscript, and you can set your own body of text, controlling the speed at which it appears, setting text color, text size, background color and text font. You can also set a count down timer in order to delay in text appearance. Moreover, Rollerscript lets you save documents. So you can select a body of text to roll with just a click on a button.  


  1. Set text font, text size (8 to 150 pts), text color (216 colors to choose from), background color, text speed.
  2. Use Auto scroll to let RollerText automatically scroll text vertically. (The Auto-scroll feature may not be effective when the text speed value is set to 8 or higher.)
  3. Save documents with titles. Then select one to use as a body of text to scroll with just a click on a button.
  4. Use a count-down timer to delay text appearance.

System requirements

  1. iOS 6.0 or higher
  2. iPad


  1. The user can only select font color and background color out of the built-in color palette covering 216 colors.
  2. A text size must be set between 8 and 150 points.
  3. A body of text to scroll must have at least 10 letters.
  4. The maximum delay is 60 seconds.
  5. RollerText does not allow the user to open text files per se. They can paste a body of clipboard text into the text field. A couple of suggestions are the following. 1) Set up an e-mail address with your iPad. E-mail yourself with a body of text that you want to scroll with RollerText. Then open e-mail and copy text into clipboard. Finally, tap the Paste button on RollerText. 2) Upload a text file onto a web server. Then access it with a web browser. Then copy a body of text into the clipboard.
  6. Language: English only

Version history

1.0.2 (Released on December 27, 2012)

  1. The table rows in Preferences and Help now unselectable.
  2. Popover windows will close themselves when the user switches windows.

Click here to read RollerText Portable’s User’s Guide.

RollerText is a product of MacHouse.

2 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing RollerText for iPad

  1. Hello,

    I bough your roller text on 8 Aug. 1214. I typed some text. And ran it back and the App worked well. However after saving the document and retrieving it, it will not scroll. I tried every thing but it just wouldn’t scroll.

    Toney Barnes

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