What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing 7evenTimes for iPad

iOS software iPad 7evenTimes

TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s been a while since we released our last iOS application considering that we used to release at least five Windows applications a month. Well, it happens when you switch to a new software development platform. Anyway, our second iPad application is ready. It’s called 7evenTimes Portable.

iOS software iPad 7evenTimes   iOS software iPad 7evenTimes

7evenTimes? Hmm… It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, we have a Windows application called 7evenTimes. And 7evenTimes Portable (hereafter, 7evenTimes) is designed just for iPad users. Anyway, 7evenTimes is a real-time reminder that can be used to remind you of time-sensitive events. When you select a time event in the list, the top display window will count down the remaining time of the event arrival. A time event may be accompanied by a message (a sub title), which will scroll from right to left on the display window.

7evenTimes comes with a feature called Reminder. Reminder will go over all the events you have created every five seconds to see if any of them is about to expire. For example, you can set up Reminder in a way that it will remind you of events that are to expire in 2 days or less. If there is at least one such event, then a top button will blink. Clicking on it, you can find out exactly which events are going to expire.  


  1. Create any number of time-sensitive events. Delete or edit individual time events of your selection.
  2. Let Reminder remind you of events that are to expire ahead of time.
  3. Customize the colors of the event titles and messages shown on the display window. Control the speed at which messages will craw from left to right. Select one of the six date formats.

System requirements

  1. iOS 6.0 or higher
  2. iPad


  1. The user can only edit the title and the message of the selected time event. If the date and the time of an event needs to be corrected, the user must create a new one.

Version history

1.0.3 (Released on December 27, 2012)

  1. The table rows in Preferences and Help now unselectable.
  2. The color images in Preferences have a black border drawn around them.
  3. The application now only comes with simple launch images.

Click here to read 7evenTimes Portable’s User’s Guide.

7evenTimes is a product of MacHouse.

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