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Windows software isScript

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Microsoft has officially announced that they no longer deliver Setup Deployment, a project component used to build installers, with Visual Studio. In fact, Visual Studio 2012 doesn’t come with Setup Deployment. And it comes with a limited edition of InstallShield, which is not cheap if you want a commercial license. Meanwhile, if you are planning on submitting desktop applications to Windows Store, you must build a setup installer for each application. So what are alternatives to Setup Deployment? How about InnoSetup developed by Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan?

Windows software isScript   Windows software isScript

isScript is designed to simplify the programming process of writing InnoSetup code. InnoSetup is a great software title. But it can be a bit difficult to use when you use its Wizard to select this file and that file. And isscript covers some of InnoSetup weaknesses. And you can always save your progress so that you can open a file and continue to work on it when necessary. By the way, isScript is currently available as a freeware title, which also means that it doesn’t come with a user’s guide.

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isScript is a product of MacHouse.

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