What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing CSignHelper

Windows software cSignHelper

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Yesterday, we had to code-sign some 200 Windows files. We could still be code-signing files right now without a small application we’ve developed just for this purpose.

Windows software CSignHelper   Windows software CSignHelper

cSignHelper is a smaller desktop application that helps you when you code-sign Windows files. If you have dozens of files to code-sign, you really don’t want to manually append one text value after another to create a code-signing script. Using cSignHelper, just drag and drop a file (to code-sign) onto the top path field. Then click on the Generate button. Clicking on the Copy button, you now have a script on the clipboard. So open Command Prompt and paste it there. Finally, press Return.

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cSignHelper is a product of MacHouse.
Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation.

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