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Windows software Rollerscript

TOKYO (MacHouse) – I’m not really good at improvising a speech. So I could use a reading aid like a teleprompter (a visual device that prompts the person reading a script with speech text) that would run a script if I had to audio-record a speech.

Windows software Rollerscript   Windows software Rollerscript

In fact, Rollerscript is a Windows desktop application that will let you use your computer as a virtual teleprompter. You can use four different colors to create an environment where the user will will feel comfortable in reading a script. You can import an existing text file (.rtf, .txt) or just write up a reading script from scratch. The script field supports styled text (rich text format). So what you write in styled text is what you will see and read at full screen. You can underline important phrases, putting them in bold, italic, applying a color to them. Rollerscript is not a conventional teleprompter, don’t you think? Rollerscript it can be a great helper for those who record an audio commentary in making video tutorials.

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Rollerscript is a product of MacHouse.
Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation.
Source of news: Yahoo.com/Associate Press

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