QuickTime Pro Basics


This VTC briefly shows how to use QuickTime Pro to re-encode video. This VTC is for video compression beginners who want to learn how to use QuickTime Pro quickly to encode video with H.264. It doesn’t fully explain how to configure H.264 settings. For more information on how to export video using QuickTime Pro with H.264, don’t come to us but go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/tutorials/h264.html.

  • This VTC version: 1.0
  • This VTC involves use QuickTime Pro v. 7.1.
  • Length: 5 minutes 39 seconds
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video resolution: 720 x 540 pixels
  • Audio commentary: Not available

  • Mac video tutorials   Mac video tutorials

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    QuickTime Pro is a product of Apple Computer, Inc.

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