What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing TextRanger

Windows software TextRanger

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We are releasing two Windows software title today. The second release of the day is called TextRanger.

Windows software TextRanger   Windows software TextRanger

TextRanger is something that we came up with while we were developing ZeroDomains, a previous software release. We had to develop the former quickly so that we could go back to ZeroDomains. Inevitably, we only spent a few hours developing TextRanger. TextRanger lets you edit text data by adding/removing some characters from each line. Microsoft Excel could do it easily, right? Actually, not necessarily… When you open a text file with Excel, it can fail to read some type of characters (i.e. é, ü, ô). That’s the very reason why we had to develop one on own own.

TextRanger is a non-destructive line-by-line text editor. And it won’t alter the original text file. What you see on the first column of the list is what you have in the text file you’ve opened. And what you see on the second column is exactly what you will get by choosing File > SaveAs.

This software title is currently distributed as a freeware title as it’s still in beta. You can use it without limitations till August 1, 2012. It’s been tested for Windows 7 64-bit.

Click on the button for more information on TextRanger. VTC

TextRanger is a product of MacHouse.
Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation.

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