What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing KeyMux

Windows software KeyMux

TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s been a while since we introduced the last software title. Today, we are releasing two software titles. The first one to introduce is called KeyMux.

Windows software KeyMux
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  Windows software KeyMux
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Well, sometimes, making up an application name is not easy. If you give it a wrong name, it may not be easily found with a simple Google search. KeyMux may be useful in a situation where you already know how you want to name the first part and where you want to add a keyword to it to complete the name. For example, we know want to use ‘Key’ as part of this application’s name. And we have a list of keywords (2Go, Plus, Pro, Zero, View, Web, Smith, Batch, Box, Auto…) to add to that base name to complete the application name.

Meanwhile, didn’t Mr. Obama say a few weeks ago that if he had a son, he would be like Trevon Martin? So what will be a good fit for his name if he had a son? In this case, the base name is Obama. And create a list of first names like Robert, Trevon, Tom, George… Then enter one space in the Separator field. And set the combination option to Base preceeded by keywords. Finally, press the Go button. So the answer is Stephen Obma? Maybe, not…

This software title is currently distributed as a freeware title as it’s still in beta. You can use it without limitations till August 1, 2012. It’s been tested for Windows 7 64-bit.

Click on the button for more information on KeyMux. VTC

KeyMux is a product of MacHouse.
Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation.

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