iLife ’12 Coming Soon?


TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s not really a tradition yet since Mac App Store has been around for 9 months. But Apple, Inc. puts a hold on third-party software products and allocates a great deal of their resources to reviewing their own product if it’s a big one. That’s what happened last spring before they introduced

Mac OS X Lion. Indeed, they put a hold on some 20 software submissions from us. And they are doing it again. That’s certainly a sign that they are currently working on a big project. What is it? Our wild guess is iLife ’12. The last version of iLife was introduced on October 20, 2010. Other candidates are Logic Studio (None of its components except Compressor is yet available at Mac App Store.) and Final Cut Studio.

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  1. Jakob says:

    yes its getting sad. Apple’s strength is not in the gloss, but in the functionality. Ignore ilife12 or software functionality and no matter what the goods look like they won’t sell and you’ll have just another Wintel waste of space. Apple are forgetting functionality in favour of gloss….a very bad move

  2. Ahh, yes. They seem to care more about little devices like iPhones and iPad.

  3. Its just the reality that the largest corporation on earth has the smallest Dev team… Seriously they need specialized Dev teams for each project. I respect their idea of platform crossing and I’ll admit they have gone far to make good use of the track pad in lion. But the fact is without dedicated devs the little software projects get ignored. Especially when Mac is no longer the money tree. Hasn’t been for some time.

    Apple their are Content Creators that use your products to support the iPad. For the love of all that matters please don’t ignore us..!

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