What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Releasing AIStart

Mac software AIStart

TOKYO (MacHouse) – There is no question that Adobe Illustrator is a great product.  We use it every time we design an application icon before a new software release.  It’s just that I hate it to enable the ruler and the grids every time I open a new document.

Mac software AIStart
Source: MacHouse

AIStart is a simple application that will let you create a new Illustrator document with some startup settings.  Choose File > Save to save your startup settings so that you can create a new Illustrator document right away when you launch ALStart again. AIStart is currently available as a freeware title.

Note that AIStart has been tested with Adobe Illustrator CS3 only.  There is no guarantee it will run properly with other versions.

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AIStart is a product of MacHouse.
Illustrator is a product of Adobe Systems, Incorporated.

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