What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Releasing iVerify

Mac software iVerify

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Let’s see. How many software titles have we released this month? There’s Time2Launch. There’s QuickPaste. We also introduced FolderInfoX several days ago. And we are ready to introduce another one. It’s called iVerify.

Mac software iVerify
Source: MacHouse

iVerify allows the user to validate e-mail addresses and URLs. Although it’s impossible for iVerify or any application to find out if a given e-mail address is in use for certainty, iVerify will do its best by finding out (a) if a domain registration exists and (b) if the e-mail domain points to one or more mail servers. Also, if you have a number of URLs to verify, iVerify can batch-validate them all quickly. iVerify lets you save lists of e-mail addresses and URLs as files. So you can always open, renew and verify them.

Mac software iVerify
Source: MacHouse

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iVerify is a product of MacHouse.

14 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Releasing iVerify

  1. Hi:

    iVerify looks great – I have not seen any updates on release date, though, since the once that’s come and gone about June 2011. Please advise the latest.



  2. Thank you for your interest in iVerify. You are correct. Whether you believe it or not, iVerify is still being reviewed by Mac App Store though it’s been more than 2 months since we first submitted the initial release to them. It’s possible that they will finally approve it this week. But you never know.

    Currently, there are a lot of minor changes to the application. And the version is 1.1.0. The initial release was ready for Snow Leopard. And it crashed rampantly under Mac OS X Lion. The latest update will run under Mac OS X Lion without a problem.

  3. Hi
    I have just downloaded iverify.
    Can’t you open a long excel mailing list for the program to check? or do you have to type in every email address individually..?
    Please help..

  4. No, iVerify cannot read Excel files. That’s no way of doing it. I might be able to make it so that it can read text files, which I’m sure you can produce with Excel. I need some time to think about it. However, even if I submit a new software update, please remember that there’s no guarantee Apple will accept it. We are upset with the way Mac App Store works so much that we try to stay away from them.

  5. We’ve submitted a new software update to Mac App Store. With software update 1.2.0, iVerify will let you read text files containing data (e-mail addresses for eVerify, URLs for uVerify). Please click here for information on how to read a Microsoft Excel workbook.

    Thank you for your good proposal.

  6. super.. so I can update the program in Mac App Store and then I can read a workbook saved as a text file?

  7. >so I can update the program in Mac App Store
    Yes, when they review and then approve the software update…

    >I can read a workbook saved as a text file?
    Not exactly… You’ll just need to convert your Excel workbook into a text file, which Version 1.2.0 can read, as shown in User’s Guide. In the meantime, Mac App Store monitoring tools are known to go after text files. Hopefully, they won’t reject it.

  8. How do I batch validate 5,000 email addresses without typing them one by one? Would that also cause my mail server to be blacklisted? Thank you

  9. Thank you for your using iVerity.

    You can import a text file containing e-mail addresses line by line by choosing File > Open Text after clicking on eVerity’s toolbar button. Click here to see more information on this feature.

    No. This application has nothing to do with blocking or blacklisting e-mail addresses. It will only inspect each e-mail address (with eVerity) or URL (with uVerity) to see if it has a valid format.

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