How to Create Fav Icons


This VTC quickly shows how to make fav icons (or favorite icons), which often appear before the URL when you connect a site with an Internet browser. We use Adobe Photoshop and a donationware plugin by telegraphics that is available for Macs and Windows.

  • This VTC version: 1.0
  • We use Adobe Photoshop CS1 and a donationware plugin.
  • Video length: 7 minutes 51 seconds
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video resolution: 720 x 540 pixels
  • Audio commentary: Not available

  • Mac video tutorials   Mac video tutorials

    Please read Terms of Use for Guests before watching any of the video tutorials.

    Click on the button to download a package. This package (ISO disc image) contains the graphic files we’ve used + the fav icon we’ve created. VTC

    Adobe Photoshop is a product of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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    6 Responses to How to Create Fav Icons

    1. clare says:

      It wouldn’t play. Was hopeful this would be helpful, but it just wouldn’t play.

    2. Joe says:

      Thank you. Even easy to install into the program files/adobe/adobe photoshop/plug-ins/file formats/

      [Moderated by Administrator]

    3. Grumpf says:

      Same as Clare:
      It wouldn’t play. Was hopeful this would be helpful, but it just wouldn’t play.

    4. AlwayzVIP says:

      9/12/11 and it still doesn’t play 🙁

    5. Anonymous says:

      where is the video?@

    6. esch says:

      How about instead of using Horrendous Apple specific video, you just chuck it up on YT and embed. My computer is a video editing beast with a huge number of codecs installed but this thing is broken.

      Stupid apples.

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