What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Releasing JoinMovies

Mac software JoinMovies

TOKYO (MacHouse) – The second software title we are releasing this month is called JoinMovies. It’s a spin-off of Split n Join, again. As the name suggests, JoinMovies allows the user to put video clips of the same format or similar ones together to create a new independent movie file.

Mac software JoinMovies
Source: MacHouse

Under JoinQT, you can combine QuickTime-readable video clips (3GP, 3GP2, DV, M4V, MOV, MP4) into one, and you can create a QuickTime video (MOV). It’s an independent video clip, and you can open it with QuickTime Player. Note that you need the freeware version of QuickTime Player 7 in order to use JoinQT. You can also combine Matroska-container video clips (MKV) of the same kind into one video clip under JoinMKV. Or use JoinAVI to put AVI video clips together to create a new one.

Mac software JoinMovies
Source: MacHouse

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JoinMovies is a product of MacHouse.
QuickTime Player is a product of Apple, Inc.

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16 Responses to What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Releasing JoinMovies

  1. Jerry van West says:

    Software version 1.0.0
    Mac OS version you are running – 10.7 Lion
    Mac model your are using – MacBook Pro i7 2.3GHz

    Product is not working. Trying to merge M4V files and “Join” doesn’t work. All menus are muted and not selectable. It appears that this program is not compatible with OS/X Lion 10.7

  2. Thank you for your contacting us. We will get back with you.

  3. I’ve tested it by combining two duplicates (.m4v) under JoinQT. I am able to join them. The software version 1.0.2. I’ll upload a desktop movie in a minute.

  4. A desktop movie is available here.

  5. Jerry van West says:

    Thank you. It seemed to work after I rebooted however some of the file menus are still muted. Also, is there an easy way to convert from the .MOV file back to M4V so I can play on my AppleTV & iPad? Thank you!

  6. Mr. West, all controls remain grayed out until you drag and drop one or more media files onto the drop box. In order to convert the joint MOV file back into M4V, you can simply use QuickTime Player X. Please open the media file with it and choose Save As and select Apple TV as format. I don’t know about iPad.

  7. Jerry van West says:

    Is there a reason that some .MOV files created with JoinMovies play on QuickTime 10.1 and some created the exact same way require QuickTime 7 to play? I have had this happen a number of times and since I haven’t paid for QuickTimePro 7 (and won’t until there is a QuickTime Pro X), I cannot convert to M4V from the .MOV file. You should incorporate a conversion utility in your program to compensate.

  8. >Is there a reason that some .MOV files created with JoinMovies play on QuickTime 10.1 and some created the exact same way require QuickTime 7 to play?

    Not that I’m aware of… Are you talking about QuickTime Pro? If so, no. But I’ll take a closer look into the problem you are addressing in several hours.

  9. Jerry van West says:

    I encoded a couple of movies and some play in QuickTime X (10.1) and some do not. These were merged the exact same way with JoinMovies but unsure as to why some require the older version of QuickTime to play – plus QT7 doesn’t convert to M4V. Very strange.

  10. I think I turned off the Flatten feature when I submitted the application to Mac App Store, fearing that it could violate one of their guidelines.

  11. Jerry van West says:

    so how do you use the flatten feature? Will this solve the problem?

  12. Actually, the application will automatically flatten the movie.

    At this moment, I cannot think of anything about a QuickTimeX issue. When you open a joint movie with QuickTimeX on a computer running Mac OS X Lion, you may be prompted to install QuickTime Player 7, which doesn’t happen under Snow Leopard. We were not going to update this application for OS X Lion. So we never tested it under OS X Lion.

  13. Jerry van West says:

    That’s a shame that you were not planning on updating the software for OS X Lion. There should be something stating that the software doesn’t work on Lion. Is there a way to get a refund on this product then since it’s not working properly?

  14. The description of the application at Mac App Store says that you need OS X 10.6.6 ~ 10.6.8. Please talk to Mac App Store if you want to request a refund.

  15. Heiner Toelle says:

    Hello I hope that you are able to assist me. For the few years I have been using a movie joining package called AddMovie. It wii still work if I use OSX 10.6.8 but I would rather work it in Mavericks 109..5 does your software work with10.9. My primary need is joining about mp4 files 2 or 3. Length 10 – 20min sometimes longer. Can your software help me please Heiner Toelle 649 Davis Drv. Apt. 202, Kingston Ont. Canada K7M 8J3
    613-546-7775 h.toelle (at) cogeco (dot) ca

  16. We are afraid we cannot help you because JointMovies is no longer for sale. It was removed from Mac App Store a few years ago.

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