What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse to Introduce Switchies

Mac software Switchies

TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s a software title we’ve developed ourselves, but we love CopyReady. Hopefully, you will try it out. Or some people probably find Stickies more useful.

Yes, we like Stickies, too. Unfortunately, Stickies won’t allow you to have different categories of windows. If that’s a wish that hasn’t come true, try out Switchies.

Mac software Switchies
Source: MacHouse

Switchies is a new Mac software title we are about to release. Switchies will allow the user to create and maintain multiple sets of Stickies windows. And you can switch from one category to another with just a click of Mouse.

Switchies is a product of MacHouse.

4 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse to Introduce Switchies

  1. The demo version won’t work under Lion as it was released during the Snow Leopard era. The full version should. I’ll get back with you after I test it under 10.7.2 and post a new demo version if I can.

  2. Mr. G,

    I’ve posted a trial version compatible with Lion. You can use it till December 1st. When you are finished with it, please don’t forget to set the Stickies set back to the original.

    Good day

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