MacHouse Releasing LittleCal Pro

Mac software LittleCal Pro

TOKYO (MacHouse) – One month, we released five Mac software titles. We’ve been absent lately. In fact, it’s been three months since we released a Mac software title. Today, MacHouse is releasing a new software title called LittleCal Pro. It’s an advanced version of an existing freeware title. LittleCal Pro is a virtual calendar that allows the user to schedule events quickly and easily. It has a feature similar to an alarm clock, and you will get reminded of scheduled events ahead of time.

Mac software LittleCal Pro

A totally new feature that comes with LittleCal Pro is called Routines. Routines allows the user to schedule a series of events that are occurring at the same clock time. Suppose that you play basketball with friends at 04:50 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Whether you continue to play basketball for the next two years or even five years, LittleCal Pro will help you put these events on your virtual schedule book quickly.

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LittleCal Pro is a product of MacHouse.

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