MacHouse Releasing LittleCal

Mac software LittleCal

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Available now in celebration of the survival of Big XII Conference is a new Mac software title called LittleCal. It’s currently distributed as a freeware title. LittleCal is a simple application that allows the user to schedule events quickly and easily. And of course… Be reminded of those scheduled events automatically ahead of time.  

Mac software LittleCal   Mac software LittleCal

Whether you are currently typing with TextEdit, Microsoft’s Word or watching YouTube videos through a web browser, you can just grab a piece of text with the application that is currently running to make a quick schedule of an event with LittleCal. Simply, select, grab and drag a piece of text over to one of the active calendar buttons. Then? You are done. Open Preferences, if you like, to be reminded of that event maybe 2 hours or 5 days before it comes.

Click on the button for more information on LittleCal. VTC

LittleCal is a product of MacHouse.

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