Got Home Sick? Get HomeSync – MacHouse Releases HomeSync and HomeSync Lite

Mac backup application HomeSync

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Today, MacHouse has released HomeSync. It’s a backup application that allows users to save application files before they reinstall OS. Have you ever erased a hard disk drive to reinstall OS and then realized that you forgot to back up some files? Personally, I reinstall OS every 3 months or so. One of the applications for which I forget to back up files before OS reinstallation is iPhoto.

Using HomeSync, you can prepare for OS reinstallation by recording what file to back up for which application. What’s amazing about HomeSync is that it will give you advice as to what to back up, depending on the application. What’s more amazing about HomeSync is that it will let you put those saved files and folders back to where they belong after you reinstall OS.  

Mac backup application HomeSync  

Simply, select an application on the side bar. Enable HomeAdvisory, which will tell you what to back up and why. Or you can create your own backup definitions by clicking on Define. If you are ready to back up files, select sync definitions and then click on Sync It.

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HomeSync and HomeSync Lite are products of MacHouse.

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