WPWriter – Freeware Title for Mac and Windows – Debuts

MacHouse freeware WPWriter

TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacHouse has released its 4th freeware title of the month. WPWriter is a simple HTML editor that is designed to assist WordPress users to write blog articles easily. WordPress has a built-in visual HTML editor, whose editing area is quite small and cannot be changed. WPWriter gives you flexibility in this respect, and users can expand the editing area up to 2,000 x 1,150 pixels. WPWriter also supports contextual menus and shortcut keys for most built-in functions so that users can minimize their time in writing WordPress articles.

MacHouse freeware WPWriter

WPWriter is an HTML editor and nothing more. It is simply intended to assist WordPress users in their writing articles. When you finish writing an article, you still have to use a web browser to access your own WordPress website and paste the HTML code you have created with WPWriter.

Click on the button to learn more about WPWriter and/or download your free copy. VTC

WPWriter is a product of MacHouse.
WordPress is a product of WordPress.Org.

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