inVIZible – Freeware Title for Mac – Debuts

MacHouse freeware inVIZible

inVIZible is a new Mac freeware title developed by MacHouse. If you want to manually protect important files, then the best you can do is to lock them. (Open File Info.) Or you can use some Mac utility applications like OnyX to make them invisible. But what if you forget the locations of these invisible files/folders? It won’t be wise to lose sight of important files in this way.

inVIZible allows users to keep track of visible and invisible files (and folders as well for inVIZible 1.0.1). Simply, drag and drop files and folders, one at a time. If a file or folder is visible, then click on ‘Hide.’ If it’s already invisible, then click on ‘Unhide.’  

What will happen if you close inVIZible? inVIZible remembers which files and folders are visible and invisible. In this way, you can keep track of important files, instead of losing sight of them at the vast sea of hard disk drives. Just as for A-Cownts, inVIZible also allows users to set a password so that unauthorized people cannot launch inVIZible to see what’s in the list.

MacHouse freeware inVIZible

Click on the button to learn more about inVIZible and/or download your free copy. VTC

inVIZible is a product of MacHouse.

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