A-Cownts – Freeware Title for Mac and Windows – Debuts

MacHouse freeware A-Cownts

A-Cownts is a new and first application that MacHouse has developed. What is it? It’s a small application that allows users to maintain accounts. It is designed to store accounts where usernames, passwords, e-mail addreses and websites are involved.

A-Cownts stores every single piece of information in a single file labeled acownts.acw, which can be easily crack-opened with text-editors including TextEdit. But that doesn’t mean data are human-readable. A-Cownts uses an encryption method with a key that has 2.078218990239605e+63 different combinations, which means it is impossible for anyone to decrypt data in their lifetime and next. Also, A-Cownts lets you set a login password so that nobody else can open and see your account list.

MacHouse freeware A-Cownts   MacHouse freeware A-Cownts

Click on the button to learn more about A-Cownts and/or download your free copy. VTC

A-Cownts is a product of MacHouse

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