Is Apple Display Image Persistence A Widespread Problem?

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Here is another hot topic that has caught the eyes of a lot of Mac users lately at Apple Discussions. It’s about a persistent image issue on the Apple LCD display. One topic was posted by a Mac user named Jeremy Summers in March 17. (See Screenshot 01.) This particular topic has been since viewed 12,288 times. And there was another similar topic posted several hours ago.

Apple iMac restarts shutdowns fix
Screenshot 01 –
Source: Apple Discussions
  Apple iMac restarts shutdowns fix
Screenshot 02 –
Source: Apple Discussions

Jeremy says there are some sort of persistent images comprised of text and icons appearing on the iMac display even after the computer was rebooted. (See Screenshot 02.) And his concern has returned 78 replies so far.  

Apple iMac restarts shutdowns fix
Screenshot 01 –
Source: Apple

Apple seems to be aware of this persistent image issue. According to the support page titled Avoiding image persistence on Apple LCD displays,

If you leave an unchanging image (like a login screen or the same desktop picture) on the screen for a long period of time, you may see a faint remnant of the image even after a new image has replaced it. This is called “persistence”. (See Screenshot 03)

Apple’s support page says that image persistence can be prevented if you set the sleep feature of the Energy Saver to off when the display is not in use. Hmm… But what if images have already been burnt on the display? One says that it’s excessive heat that causes image persistence. And he or she argues that the problem has been eliminated after installing a Mac freeware title called smcFanControl and controlling heat.

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