New Video Tutorial Series: Soundtrack Pro

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Coming soon is a video tutorial series that deals with Apple‘s Soundtrack Pro. It will be a small series, and we intend to create at least four video tutorials.

Soundtrack Pro video tutorial

Soundtrack Pro is an audio editing application, and it’s part of Final Cut Pro Studio. With all security updates and the latest version of QuickTime, Soundtrack Pro turns out to be one of the few audio editing applications that allow Mac users to work on Windows Media Audio (WMA). How about HairerSoft‘s Amadeus? With all OS updates plus QuickTime 7.6, Amadeus II may not launch itself under Mac OS 10.5.6 any more. Amadeus Pro can still open WMA files. But this application will distort audio if you change the pitch.

A new video tutorial series will exclusively deal with Soundtrack Pro. The main goal of this video tutorial series will be to learn how to import files (WMA & MOV) and apply audio effects. Eventually, we want to import edited audio files to Final Cut Pro.

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