Video Tutorial: Making Desktop Video with ScreenFlow – 01

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Video Tutorial: Making Desktop Video with ScreenFlow – 01: Quick Overview

A few days ago, we reviewed a relatively new screen-capture application developed by Telestream, a software developer who is well-known for its QuickTime component called Flip4Mac. Over the next several days, we will be releasing several video tutorials showing how to use ScreenFlow. This series is intended for those who have little knowledge about video editing and wish to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, Motion or Adobe After Effects in the near future.

The goal of this video tutorial series is to record a desktop movie and create something fancy a bit by cutting unnecessary frames, zooming up some areas, embedding music. After going through at least five video tutorials, you should be able to create the following sample video. (The introductory video is made mostly with Motion, and we won’t show you how we made it.) It’s one of more than 100 documentation videos concerning Internet security that we have created in the past.

Click on the button to watch a sample video. VTC

This screen-capture video is concerned with a PayPal phishing message circulated by an organized cyber criminal group about 24 hours. A phishing website is hosted at a server run by a Chinese university.  

ScreenFlow Mac video tutorial ScreenFlow Mac video tutorial

  • ScreenFlow version: 1.2.1
  • Video length: 5 minutes 23 seconds
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Resolution: 1200 x 750 pixels (600 x 325 pixels for guests)
  • Audio: Enabled
  • Audio commentary: Enabled

  • Mac video tutorials   Mac video tutorials

    · Please read Terms of Use for Guests before watching any of the video tutorials.
    · Click here for video membership information.

    ScreenFlow is a product of Telestream, Inc.

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