Playing Legendary with Boot Camp – Legendary Game Play Video – Part III (22 Minutes)

Legendary Mac Boot Camp

The following QuickTime movie is a game play video of Legendary, a first-person action/adventure game for PC published by Gamecock Media Group in November 18. The game was developed by Spark Unlimited, which also developed Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty in the past.

The last game play ended when Deckard successfully evaded LeFey‘s private security force but got killed by a werewolf. Got killed by a werewolf… That depressed me. I was not going to play this game any more. But my wife watched the game play video and then threw me out of the house. Why? She left me a note that said ‘Come back after beating that werewolf.’ Anyway, after clearing the werewolf stage, Deckard witnesses an interesting situation where the Firedrakes fight LeFey’s mercenaries. 

Legendary Mac Boot Camp Legendary Mac Boot Camp

Legendary Mac Boot Camp Legendary Mac Boot Camp

  • Game version: Legendary for Windows OS
  • System: Mac OS X 10.5.5 with Windows XP SP3 through Boot Camp 2.0
  • Game play video version: 1.0
  • Length: 22 minutes 39 seconds
  • Video file size: 133.4 MB
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Resolution: 960 x 600 pixels
  • Audio: Enabled

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    Legendary is a product of Gamecock Media Group and Spark Unlimited.

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