Dead Space Free Game Play Video – Amazing Scenes from Chapter 6

Playing Dead Space on Mac Boot Camp Mac

The following Dead Space game play video shows amazing scenes from Chapter 6. Dead Space is Electronic Arts‘ latest third-person/action game.

Ms. Daniels instructs Isaac to find the origin of the poisoned air. When he enters the Primary Food Storage room, he finds that this place is filled with body parts everywhere. And there is some of a giant plant, which Isaac needs to destroy.

Isaac was very scared and wanted to get out of the room. So I locked the door. There was no turning back for him. “Sorry, that’s your job, Isaac.” He did a good job killing the boss figure after all.

Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac

This scene is quite amazing. So we decided to open the video to all visitors. Have a fun watching it! 

Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac

  • Game version: Dead Space for Windows OS v.
  • System: Mac OS X 10.5.5 with Windows XP SP3 through Boot Camp 2.0
  • Game play video version: 1.0
  • Length: 6 minutes 29 seconds
  • Video file size: 86.4 MB
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Resolution: 960 x 600
  • Audio: Enabled

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    Deap Space is a product of Electronic Arts and EA Redwood Shores.

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