Playing Dead Space with Boot Camp – Dead Space Game Play Video Part III – 31 Minutes

Playing Dead Space on Mac Boot Camp Mac

For the past few days, we’ve been releasing game play movies for Dead Space, Electronic Arts‘ latest third-person/action game. Game play video Part III and IV together will entirely cover Chapter 2.

Over the last chapter, the only ride out of the USG Ishigima has been destroyed. Hammond said earlier that he wanted to find out how Captain Benjamin Mathius died. In order for Ms. Daniels to access such information, they need Isaac to recover Captain’s authorization codes. Captain’s body has been located at Medlab.

Starting with Chapter 2, when the tram arrives at Medical Deck, Isaac spots a blind-folded woman, who hands Kinesis Module over to him. He can now lift and move objects by pressing and holding down the F key. Entering Security Station, Hammond tells Isaac that they have been attacked and that Ms. Daniels is gone. Does he mean she is dead? Hopefully, not…

In this chapter, Isaac needs to locate Captain’s RIG codes and then to find senior medical officer Nicole Brennan. Checking ship’s map, Hammond says the door to the emergency wing is barricaded. Isaac now needs to obtain

Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac

1. a shock pad (detonator) from Zero-G Therapy
2. a white-red container with thermite in it from Medical Storage

to blow up the barricade. In this game play video, we have Isaac head himself to Zero-G Therapy at first. 

Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac Playing Deap Sapce on Mac Boot Camp Mac

  • Game version: Dead Space for Windows OS v.
  • System: Mac OS X 10.5.5 with Windows XP SP3 through Boot Camp 2.0
  • Game play video version: 1.0
  • Length: 31 minutes 38 seconds
  • Video file size: 356.4 MB
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Resolution: 960 x 600
  • Audio: Enabled

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    Deap Space is a product of Electronic Arts and EA Redwood Shores.

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