Game Play Video – Running Civilization IV: Colonization with VMware Fusion 2.0

2K Games Firaxis Games Civilization IV: Colonization VMware Fusion

Sid Meier‘s Civilization is definitely one of the most successful game franchises of all time. In the late 1990s, I picked up the Mac version of Civilization II at CompUSA. I had no idea what kind of game it was at first. But I thought ‘Whoa…’ when I played it. I played the game for a few days without a break. When I realized, the Christmas was over. Soon after, I happened to find the Mac version of Call to Power at Best Buy. And when I heard that Civilization III would be released, I couldn’t wait to play it. When I went to Best Buy, there was no long line for it. That was kind of disappointing. Well, I didn’t enjoy playing Civilization III until I played it on my Mac. The best one for me is actually Civilization III: Conquests, which is equipped with incredibly nice music. And Civilization IV? Oh, no… The minimum system requirement was 1.8 GHz G5 or something. And it barely ran on my iMac G5 2 GHz.

Anyway, another Civilization game was released in September 22 from 2K Games. It’s Civilization IV: Colonization. I played it for a few hours on the Windows partition through Boot Camp in order to make a game play video. But when I put the video files in Final Cut Pro, I realized that there was no audio. Something went wrong with the audio function of Windows XP SP3. So I decided to install this PC game on VMWare Fusion 2.0. Does it run? If it does, how smoothly does it run with VMware Fusion? Well, let’s see.

By the way, they say the Mac version of Civilization IV: Colonization may be released. Within this year? You never know when it will be available. We Mac users sometimes wait for 3 or 4 years. Using Mr. Bush’s famous statement as an analogy,

if we know Civilization IV: Colonization runs on the Windows partition and VMware Fusion today, does it make sense for the world to wait for the Mac version? 

So how does the game work? Well, Civilization IV: Colonization is totally different from any other Civilization game that I’ve played. This game reminds me of Age of Empires III. You know that home land thing, right? Colonization adopts this style, too. You can sail back to the home country and bring some colonists to the new land. (See the first screenshot below.) And another difference is… There is no research. It looks like there are no wonders to build. That’s a big turn-off.

2K Games Firaxis Games Civilization IV: Colonization VMware Fusion 2K Games Firaxis Games Civilization IV: Colonization VMware Fusion

  • Game version: Civilization IV: Colonization for Windows OS
  • System: VMware Fusion 2.0 with Windows XP SP3
  • Game play video version: 1.0
  • Length: 18 minutes 42 seconds
  • Video file size: 157 MB
  • Video format: QuickTime
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Resolution: 960 x 600
  • Audio: Enabled

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    Civilization IV: Colonization is a product of 2K Games and Firaxis Games.
    VMware Fusion is a product of VMware, Inc.

    Note: We do not guarantee that you can play Civilization IV: Colonization with VMware Fusion to the end.

    A statement Mr. Bush made before the Iraq War started was

    If we know Saddam Hussein has dangerous weapons today, does it make sense for the world to wait?

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