Fake PornTube Website With Computer Virus Targeting Mac Users

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TOKYO (MacHouse) – We reported the existence of a fake PornTube website back in January. Since then, we’ve seen several other similar websites. And we found another one hosted with the domain of anykindclips.com. Actually, we first ran into a suspicious website hosted at another domain. It’s freese-x.net. If you access this website, you will be instantly redirected to the website at anykindclips.com with an affiliate ID of 4078. It’s a fake PornTube website obviously because the domain is not porntube.com. It’s a fake PornTube website because the clickable menu items (Sign Up, My Account, History…) at the top are intentionally disabled. And if you click on any of the video windows, you will be redirected to another website with the domain of anykindvids.com. That’s where you will be forced to download a Mac-OS-based disk image (.dmg) file containing a computer virus.

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