Notice from Site Administrator: Redirection to Malware-Scan.COM

Mac MacHouse

We received a redirection claim several hours ago. It seems that some people are redirected to again. If you were involuntarily redirected to any malware website, please accept our apology.

Unfortunately, we cannot fully investigate this claim due to lack of information. The person submitting this claim notes that involuntary redirection occured at “tutorial#18.” It could be “Apple Motion Basics Video Tutorial 18,” “Adobe Photoshop Creative Design #18,” “Adobe After Effects – Simple Creativity #18” or another. It’s not the matter of turning off rich media ads because an ill code could be injected in the database or at HTML level. That’s why we need to know which ad you see if you access the same page where you were once redirected. It is possible that we ourselves will never get redirected due to our geographic location. Of course, we need to know exactly at which page (at MHVT.NET) you were redirected to a malware website.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Please click on the button for more information. VTC

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