What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing HiGallery for Mac OS X

Mac software HiGallery

TOKYO (MacHouse) – After releasing the last Mac desktop application, we’ve been absent for a week. Wait… We actually submitted a new desktop application to Mac App Store several hours ago. This new software release is called HiGallery.

Mac software HiGallery   Mac software HiGallery

HiGallery is an easy solution to managing and organizing pictures. HiGallery allows the user to create a browser-based photo collection that can be viewed across different operating systems. Use your favorite web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari…) to browse photos. Add titles and descriptions to pictures. Save your project at any stage. You can make your photo collection a slideshow powered by jQuery, which can automatically switch pictures.

What you get is a browser-based photo collection. So what you create with HiGallery is a browser-based photo collection. You can enjoy viewing your photos on your desktop computer (Open the html file in the export package with a web browser of your choice.) or post it on a remote server so that other people can view it.
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What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing DotEntitled for Mac OS X

Mac software DotEntitled

TOKYO (MacHouse) – As Apple, Inc. damands that all software submissions to Mac App Store be sandboxed, things can go difficult. It’s not just the application itself that you have to codesign. You have to manually codesign child process files like command-line tools, AppleScript files, AppleScript apps. We can name a few applications that contain more than three dozen command-line tools in their packages. Signing them all manually can take at least minutes, if not hours.

Mac software DotEntitled   Mac software DotEntitled

DotEntitled is a Mac desktop application that lets you codesign child process files that you run with your application through NSTask or equivalent all at a time. Apple, Inc. requires that these child process files be codesigned with an entitlement sheet. Not a big deal… Using DotEntitled, you can either select an existing file, or let DotEntitled create one for you.
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What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing audioKut for Mac OS X

Mac software audioKut

TOKYO (MacHouse) – So we started developing Mac software titles again last month. We’ve released five applications so far. A couple of them are already available at Mac App Store. We released the last Mac application just four days ago. And we are ready to introduce another one. It’s called audioKut.

Mac software audioKut   Mac software audioKut

audioKut is a Mac desktop application that lets you divide one or more audio clips into segments of an equal duration. You specify the equal segment duration in terms of the number of seconds or minutes. And audioKut will cut them into pieces all at a time.
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