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Briefly: Cinema 4D R10 Upgraded to 10.1

Maxon Computer has upgraded its popular 3D model design software package to 10.1 with some improvements and fixes. Click on the button for more information.

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University of Alabama Student Website Abused to Host Various Websites

A student website at the University of Alabama ( hosts more than 190 webpages, each of which has a redirection command. A visitor arriving in any of these webpages will be redirected to one of various websites ranging from pornographic … Continue reading

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Notice from Site Administrator

We are currently visited by a cybercriminal right at this moment. Although chances that their threads will ever go beyond the backstage are near-zero, be careful if you want to click on a hyperlink. This cybercriminal with no elementary education … Continue reading

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Website Cracked at Penn State University, Department of Geography

Department of Geography at Pennsylvania State University hosts a website offering free software programs to analyze geospatial data. This website, GeoVISTA Studio, has been cracked by a group of cybercriminals, and it now hosts a dozen gate pages that will … Continue reading

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Why Do YouTube Imitators Fail So Badly?

Ever since Google officially purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock in October, 2006, more small companies have entered the video-sharing business, hoping they can sell their video-sharing websites for millions of dollars in a couple of years. In fact, … Continue reading

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