Notice from Site Administrator: Major Maintenance

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A few weeks ago, we performed a major fix on hundreds of QuickTime movies. Starting in several hours, we will perform another major fix on movie files. It should take a day or two. You may run into broken links, the QuickTime question mark or blank pages when accessing video tutorials, game play movies and others. We will work on the rest of the ScreenFlow video tutorials after finishing a fix. We apologize for your inconvenience.

Notice from Site Administrator: Connection Problem Reported by Europeans

Mac MacHouse

A couple of European visitors have reported in the past three weeks that they were not able to watch all or most of sample video tutorials posted here. A possible explanation is a report that three of four underwater communications cables have been severed. Our servers are all located in the U.S. and no North American, Asian or Australian member has made a similar claim so far.

If you are affected, we apologize for your trouble in watching our sample and/or member-only video tutorials. For now, there is no immediate fix that we can work on.